• Iran: Possible Responses to a US Scrapping of the JCPOA

    Alexander Greenberg

    The Trump administration's decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal has put decision-makers in Tehran on the defensive. Though the prospect of such a move had been a predictable possibility for months, the nature of Iran's response has always been harder to anticipate.

    Working Paper 47

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  • Israel and the Salafi Jihadi Threat

    Jonathan Spyer

    The renowned expert on Middle East Jonathan Spyer analyzes the threat to Israel posed by the Salafi Jihadist groups in Syria, Egypt, Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon. Although those groups are not widely known -unlike Hamas, the Islamic Jihad or the Islamic State- they also aim to destroy Israel and spread the Radical Islam throughout the region.

    Working Paper 46

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  • The Trump Administration's Next Moves on the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Lee Smith

    Lee Smith analyses the Trump Administration's next moves on the Iran Nuclear Deal as the next JCPOA certification is taking place in mid-January. With a view to the massive protests in Iran, the author concludes that Iran's regime cannot be fixed -nor the JCPOA by the US Congress or by the European nations.

    Working Paper 45

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  • The United Nations and the Arab-Palestinian Refugee Industry

    Dr. Asaf Romirowsky

    The author addresses the problem of how Palestinian refugees have served as a weapon against Israel in the UN -especially in the UNRWA. Among other recommendations, Romirowsky suggests the dissolution of the UNRWA and the transfer of all its services to the UN High Commissioner of Refugees.

    Working Paper 44

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  • The United Nations and the State of Israel

    Joshua Muravchik

    The author reviews the history of anti-Israel bias in the UN. He also emphasizes that the new leadership of Antonio Guterres can change the current situation and turn the organization into an effective instrument to strengthen peace and to defend human rights.

    Working Paper 43

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