• Il Giornale, June 23, 2015

    Israel equalized to Hamas: the Usual Squint of the UN

    The Human Rights Council was interested in placing Israel side by side with Hamas in order to please with its assessment those who do not distinguish between democracy and dictatorship, defense and attack, and confuse terrorists with freedom fighters.

    2015-06-25 by Fiamma Nirestein

  • Published in Israel Hayom, Tuesday June 23, 2015

    A War Against the Entire West


    Democratic armies -- those of Israel and the United States in particular -- work gallantly to hold civilian deaths to a minimum. But more and more they are being handicapped in fighting the war.

    2015-06-24 by Rafael Bardaji and Joseph Raskas

  • Published in El Mundo

    What will happen to Israel?

      Israel is facing huge problems in its environment and what their leaders decide will determine the international role, the shape and the nature of the country.

    2015-03-17 by Rafael Bardají

  • Trying to Avert War

    Netanyahu, Churchill and Congress

     An agreement that leaves Iran with the potential to achieve nuclear breakout will trigger a Middle East arms race that will exponentially increase the risks of global nuclear war, a risk multiplied by the vulnerability of regional governments to overthrow by extremists.

    2015-03-02 by Richard Kemp

  • Sephardic Jews in the Caribbean Islands

     Sephardic Jews helped build nations and islands that were discovered by Christopher Columbus and other people with Jewish backgrounds.

    2015-02-23 by Marcos Antonio Ramos

  • AMIA

    Why we all must be Nisman

    We all must be Nisman because the AMIA crime must not remain unpunished, just as Alberto Nisman’s death must not go unpunished. We must get to the bottom of this affair, no matter who falls.

    2015-02-18 by Carlos Alberto Montaner

  • Il Giornale, January 19, 2015

    If moderate Islam actually exists, it should make its voice heard

    Obama made a mistake when he did not attend the march in Paris: he was afraid to be excessively blamed by Islam.

    2015-01-22 by Fiamma Nirestein

  • Terrorist attacks in Paris

    The coming Islamism

    Radical Islam—for not saying jihadism—is incompatible with our way of life, values, and interests. Here and in any place in the world. The West and Islam do not match, unless we surrender and submit.

    2015-01-09 by Rafael Bardaji