• Nisman’s report

    The Little Ayatollah and The Prosecutor

    In his 500-page report, Nisman explains in his report how the Iranian regime organized an extensive terrorist network in Latin America whose goal was to promote the Islamic Revolution.

    2013-06-20 by Juan F. Carmona y Choussat

  • Published in The Wall Street Journal

    The Case for Pre-Emptive War, From Goliath to the Dardanelles

    Some lessons for Israel as it contemplates an attack on Iran’s nuclear program.

    2013-05-01 by Andrew Roberts

  • New Statement

    Why we should be side by side with Israel now

    Defending Israel is not a matter of altruism. Defending Israel is in the West’s strategic, economic, military, and – yes, moral interest.

    2012-03-15 by All the Founder Members