• CAMERA honors The Friends of Israel Initiative

    FOII’s Chairman José María Aznar received the CAMERA’s Emet Award in New York on April 10th. The Chairman reviewed the important events that have taken place in the Muslim world in the past few months.

    2011-04-10 by José María Aznar

  • Interview with the World Jewish Congress’ Dan Diker

    Israel must be proactive in defending its legitimacy

    In an interview with the World Jewish Congress’ Dan Diker, Rafael Bardaji, Executive Director of FOII, says Israel’s challenges are mounting and its international isolation is growing.

    2011-03-17 by Rafael Bardají

  • Miami, February 29 2012

    Remarks at De la Cruz Art Gallery

     We have kept to tracks and levels of activities. On the one hand we develop our public activities, like the one taking place tomorrow a Miami university under the auspices of its President, Dona Shalala, when we spread our message; on the other hand, we as I said before, we engage in direct and private conversations wit current leaders across the world. We try to be as educative as possible on both kind of activities.

    2011-02-28 by Jose María Aznar

  • The Re-legitimation of Israel

    "Since it’s politically unfair, morally reprehensible, and strategically dangerous, we must strive for Israel’s re-legitimation and defend the principle that Israel is a regular country just as any other one"

    2011-02-16 by José María Aznar