• Il Giornale, June 12th, 2013

    Assad is winning, and we court him

     The rais is gaining ground. He unveiled: The World Bank wants to do business with me.

    2013-06-14 by Fiamma Nirestein

  • Published in The Guardian

    Michael Adebolajo’s dangerous ignorance about Afghanistan

    Al-Qaida’s war will not end when Nato forces leave Afghanistan. If anything, terrorist attacks here in Britain could increase

    2013-05-28 by Richard Kemp

  • New Statement

    Why we should be side by side with Israel now

    Defending Israel is not a matter of altruism. Defending Israel is in the West’s strategic, economic, military, and – yes, moral interest.

    2012-03-15 by All the Founder Members

  • The Challenge to Israel’s Legitimacy

    A dangerous global shift is taking place in terms of Israel’s standing in the world at large which could have profoundly destabilizing implications for the Middle East.

    2010-07-14 by Dore Gold