• Published in Gatestone Institute

    Israel’s Security and Unintended Consequences


    Fatah leaders ally themselves with the terrorists of Hamas, and, like Hamas, they continue to reject the every existence of the State of Israel.

    2014-10-23 by Richard Kemp

  • Endgame Scenarios

    Post-Operation Protective Edge Strategic Assessment

     Beyond the operational and strategic merits and shortcomings of the Egyptian proposal, the Israeli cabinet will face a domestic challenge in articulating to the public the reasoning behind accepting the proposal.

    2014-08-18 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Anti-Semitism resurged with such virulence

    Israel’s struggle against infamy

     The terrible label slapped on the Jewish people is reversible. The fact that Israel, surrounded by enemies, is a society that’s stubbornly democratic, prosperous, creative, a generator of science and technology.

    2014-08-10 by Carlos Alberto Montaner

  • Give Israel a Chance

      Hamas is not an innocent NGO; it’s a terrorist organization included as such in the lists of both the U.S. State Department and the European Union.

    2014-08-01 by Rafael Bardají

  • Operation Update and Strategic Assessment

    Operation Protective Edge Brief #6

     Securing a final ceasefire arrangement that will preclude Hamas’s ability to restore its terrorist infrastructure will not be the only major challenge facing Israel the day after OPE. Israel will most likely face mounting international criticism and allegations concerning its military operations in Gaza. This will most likely include a new round of de-legitimizations efforts that might even exceed the post-Cast Lead round.

    2014-07-29 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • The Times

    Hamas human shields are to blame, not Israel

     Palestinian rockets are like the Nazi V1s. Civilian casualties were inevitable then and now.

    2014-07-25 by Richard Kemp

  • Operation Update and Strategic Assessment

    Operation Protective Edge #6

    Operation Protective Edge (OPE) marked its 16th day.

    2014-07-24 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Gaza, Israel, Iran and the right of self-defense

    These terrorist leaders know that the more images of dead Palestinians they send to the media, whether they are, or not, real or from Gaza, the more public opinion and many Western leaders will press Israel for a ceasefire. That’s why Hamas leaders don’t mind using their own people as human shields since more pain and blood will feed their propaganda machine.

    2014-07-22 by José María Aznar