Operation Safe Havens

Letter to Lord Weidenfeld


FOII’s Chairman, Jose María Aznar, thanks and congratulates Lord Weidenfeld for setting up and funding the Operation Safe Havens, a mission aimed to rescue up to 2,000 Christian families in Iraq and Syria suffering the terror of the Islamic State. Aznar remarks that Lord Wiedenfeld’s commitment is an outstanding moral example for the Western civilization.

2015-07-28 by Jose María Aznar


Dear Lord Weidenfeld,

I’m writing to you because I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for your actions in saving the life of many Christians who are threaten by the barbaric forces of radical islamists and jihadists.

I know that you are putting this burden over your shoulders because you feel an immense gratitude to Christian groups since you were helped by them to escape the horror and atrocities of the Holocaust. But in a time when many, including some within the Catholic Church, are looking into another direction in order to avoid the confrontation with these devilish forces going wildly in the Middle East, setting up a Fund and orchestrating the Operation Safe Havens by yourself, says too much about the compassionate, caring and solidarity soul you indeed are. As a Jew and not a Christian, you should be regarded as a moral example for any members of our civilization, actually to anyone that stands for religious freedom and tolerance and against tyrant and barbarism.

Your personal example is also a good reminder that the only place in the entire Middle East region where anyone can worship to his own God in total freedom is, precisely, Israel, the State of the Jewish people. Particularly in a moment when Israel is attacked in many fronts.

Once again, Dear Lord Weidenfeld, I do hope your commitment will inspire many others to face the grave dangers that threat us all. It is really a pleasure having you in the Friends of Israel initiative.

With my sincere gratitude

Jose María Aznar
FOII’s Chairman

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