• It Is Time to Walk Away from the Bad Deal with Iran

    At the end of the day, the hard and inescapable truth is that the JCPOA does not fulfill its main goal: to avoid having a nuclear Iran.

    Dispatch 40


    • · Israel-Latam: A Needed Relationship
    • · Special Report: "Walking Away form the Bad Deal with Iran
    • · Op-eds on Israel's experience to fight terror and on the nuclear deal. 

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  • The Threat of a Third Lebanon War Cannot Be Underestimated

    An upcoming war against Israel might be near and in addition to the military front, a new campaign to undermine Israel's right to defend itself against terror will surely emerge. The Friends of Israel Initiative is ready to take on this unfair campaign and defend that Israel's right to self-defense against Islamic terrorism should be praised and not jeopardized in the West since Israel's security is our own security.

    Dispatch 39


    • · Netanyahu in India: A Historic Visit, an Exemplary Friendship
    • · Allen West in the 2017 Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit
    • · Brussels Presentation of FOII-sponsored landmark report: Fighting Terror Effectively: An Assessment of Israel Experience on the Home Front
    • · Op-ed on how to fight the Islamic terrorism by learning from Israel

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  • Peace between Israelis and Palestinians Is Not Easy to Achieve

    Israel should become a normal and accepted reality in the Middle East, otherwise no regional deal will have a chance to succeed. FIFA rejects to carrry out anti-Israel actions. Andrés Pastrana, former President of Colombia, joins Friends of Israel Initiative. The World Values Network Awards a Prize to Friends of Israel Initiative Chairman Jose Maria Aznar.

    Dispatch 38

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  • Friends of Israel Initiative meets with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

    On April 3, a Friends of Israel Initiative (FOII) delegation met with the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, at the UN headquarters in New York. The purpose of the meeting was to present Guterres an array of recommendations to stop and prevent anti-Israel bias in several UN organizations.

    Dispatch 37

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  • The Need to Revert the Bad Effects of the Nuclear Deal with Iran

    The nuclear deal shows every day that it has been a disaster.

    Dispatch 36

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  • The Paris Conference Has Been a Mere Waste of Time

    The Paris Conference has been yet another wasted opportunity to advance peace ? in sum, what a waste of time.

    Dispatch 35

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